It all started when a group of friends and Intermountain staff wanted to share their love of swimming, biking and running — the healthy lifestyle of endurance sports.

Intermountain sees the benefits of regular activity to maintain long-term health and wellness. In 2017, that group of friends and Intermountain staff put together a program that supported more than 150 caregivers, friends and family in participating in the Brineman Triathlon in Syracuse, Utah.

Building on the first year's success, Intermountain supported the founding of Intermountain Tri: an active community revolving around swimming, cycling, running and endurance sports.

As a community, Intermountain Tri invites and welcomes participants of all abilities to engage in the popular and growing sport of triathlon as a meaningful step in the path to LiVe Well.

  • The Community: We invite all people to become part of our community. We share one common goal to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle through endurance sports — swimming, cycling, running or any combination of the three. This community promotes a lifestyle that balances work, family, physical activity and leisure.

  • The Activity: This community fosters participation in endurance events, triathlon and any format of swimming, cycling and running, and at paces fit for people looking to get active in a supportive setting, as well as those in pursuing specific goals in triathlon or other endurance events.

  • The Support: We have partnered with the expert coaches Balanced Art Multisport, including swimming, cycling, running and strength coaches, and a handful of high-performing, Utah-based endurance athletes to provide Intermountain Tri members with hands-on instruction, clinics, training facility access and one-on-one mentoring.

To move well means to LiVe Well.

Join us as we pursue together a lifestyle of wellbeing.